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Welcome to Geltier, the distinguished watch brand hailing from Sweden and proudly designed and developed in Stockholm. We are firm believers in the power of pursuing one's passions to create a life that is truly cherished. This philosophy is what sets us apart and celebrates the essence of our shared vision. The name Geltier embodies the intricate network of paths that intersect, intertwine, and converge throughout life's journey. It is a reflection of the experiences we encounter, the passions we embrace, and the ambitions we tirelessly pursue. These intersections ultimately shape our identity and define who we are as individuals.

The Geltier watch is more than just reliable companion; it is a timeless reflection of moments we experience. We invite you to make the highest choices, as they are the catalysts that expand your true self. Elevate your personal style with a Geltier watch and discover the artistry that transcends the boundaries of time. Visit us today and embark on a journey that will redefine your appreciation for horology. Experience the allure of Geltier, where craftsmanship meets passion and time is elevated to new heights.


Geltier, where watch design meets Nordic inspiration. Our brand embodies Scandinavian and Swedish design principles, creating watches with attention to detail and timeless elegance. At Geltier, we prioritize design excellence. Our watches feature graceful curves, refined finishes, and carefully selected materials, resulting in visually attractive and ergonomically pleasing watches.

True design withstands the test of time. Our watches seamlessly blend classic aesthetics with modernity, showcasing a harmonious fusion of form and function. Own a work of art with Geltier. Choose from our diverse range of designs to express your individuality, whether you prefer a statement piece or a subtle complement to your style. Experience the transformative power of exceptional design. Explore our watches and elevate your appreciation for the beauty of horology. Choose Geltier for the pinnacle of design on your wrist.

our philosophy

Our ethos at Geltier Watch Company revolves around a profound love for watches and a steadfast commitment to delivering high quality at affordability. We firmly believe that everyone should have access to our watches without compromising on the quality of the materials. This commitment drives us to maintain minimal profit margins, ensuring affordability without compromising craftsmanship. Our unwavering dedication to watchmaking craftsmanship is upheld, guaranteeing that every Geltier Watch becomes a distinctive statement.

Our driving forces are passion, dedication and an appreciation for the significance of time itself. These elements form the foundation of our brand and guide us in our pursuit of creating watches that not only captivate but also stand as enduring symbols of heritage and individuality.

At Geltier, we create watches that captivate the imaginations of watch enthusiasts worldwide. With a wealth of expertise and unwavering enthusiasm, we craft each watch to embody our unique philosophy. We understand the significance that a watch holds for those who are truly fascinated by them. That's why our watches have become synonymous with reliability and elegance, earning the trust of discerning watch lovers around the globe. While our following continues to grow, we remain steadfast in our commitment to staying grounded. We believe in ensuring that the Geltier brand remains accessible and at the very heart of society. We are devoted to providing high quality without compromising affordability, allowing everyone to experience the beauty and precision of our watches.


Our watch company's development has been an inspiring journey of craftsmanship and innovation. With a dedicated team of watch designers, we strive for precision and elegance in every watch. Our premiere collection, "Crescent," is a celebration of classic design and contemporary flair.

Geltier Watch Company embodies a relentless commitment to continuous development and an unwavering strive for improvements. Constantly seeking to push the boundaries of horology, embracing cutting-edge technologies and innovative design concepts. Each watch is a testament to dedicate to perfection, ensuring that their watches evolve with time, and maintaining high standards in the watchmaking industry. Geltier's pursuit of improvement resonates in every detail, making every watch a symbol of timeless craftsmanship and innovation.

As we look ahead, we are excited about our upcoming collections which we are working on at this very moment. They will push the boundaries of watchmaking with novel designs and sustainable practices, ensuring our watches continue to stand the test of time.

global craftmanship

These watches are a true representation of global craftsmanship, with materials sourced from five different countries. The watch case is made from high-quality stainless steel from China, while the sapphire crystal glass is sourced from Switzerland, known for its precision in watchmaking. The leather strap is crafted from genuine Italian leather, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication. The movement inside the watch is powered by precision-engineered Japanese components, ensuring accurate timekeeping. Finally, the assembly of these exquisite timepieces takes place in Sweden, where skilled artisans meticulously bring together the finest materials to create a watch of exceptional quality and timeless elegance.


At Geltier, our commitment to our Arctic origins runs deep. We are passionate about preserving the heritage, culture, landscapes, and wildlife of this remarkable region. As the Arctic ice melts at an alarming rate, threatening the survival of polar bears and other arctic species, we take this matter to heart.

By supporting the WWF (World Wildlife Fund), we actively contribute to their crucial mission of protecting the majestic polar bears. When you choose a Geltier watch, you join us in making a meaningful impact. Together, we can ensure a brighter future for the Arctic and its precious inhabitants. Make a difference with Geltier. Preserve the Arctic and safeguard the survival of polar bears. Join our mission today.

Our commitment to preserving time extends beyond watchmaking. It encompasses the urgency to safeguard the polar bears and their disappearing home. The beauty and resilience of these magnificent creatures inspire our Scandinavian designs, reflecting their spirit in every watch we create. As each passing second witnesses the melting of Arctic ice, we recognize the pressing need for action. We invite you to join us in this mission to protect the polar bears and their precious habitat. By choosing a Geltier watch, you become a part of our collective effort to make a positive impact on their future.

Embrace the significance of time, not only as it pertains to our watches but also as a call to protect the wonders of our natural world. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that future generations can witness the timeless beauty of polar bears in their Arctic home.

We prioritize sustainability, ethical practices, and clear communication to build trust with our customers.

We view our journey of respect and responsibility as an ever-evolving process, constantly driven by the challenges we face, the latest research findings, and the thought-provoking questions we pose. This dynamic approach informs the goals we set as a brand and as a team dedicated to effecting positive change within our industry.

Our vision is to lead the way in inspirational Scandinavian design, utilizing our business as a catalyst to raise awareness and inspire action concerning the pressing challenges confronting our planet and humanity. Through our products, we aim to embody the values of respect and responsibility, offering a tangible representation of our commitment to the well-being of the Earth.

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