Data collecting and processing
Geltier Watch Company gathers necessary information from your browser such as; type, langage-settings, time and date of pagevisits. We obtain this information purposefully for developement and to optimize our customer service. As for puchase of product, we obtain personal information which is handled respectfully in accordance with the EU-regulations of GDPR. Personal information that is necessary for following through a purchase include; name, ID, adress, phone-number, e-mail adress and IP-adress. We may also request credit card or other payment information depending on your method of payment. As for credit card purchases, data is sent to your credit card issuing authority for verification and authorization. Personal information will never be sold to a third party, nor will it in any way be shared unless we have your active consent. Needful data may be shared with our direct partners of payment and logistics, obejctively for accomplishing payment and delivery of product. 

Security of personal data
The information gathers by Geltier Watch Company is respectfully handled and we are taking appropriate security measures to protect unauthorized viewing, disclosure, alteration or destruction of data. Accessibility of personal identifying information is restricted to our core staff that directly requires the data in order to operate, develope services and to enable adequate customer support. 

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